Beta: humble beginnings (from the start)


Don’t talk to strangers. But that is exactly what I did. Hello, Hi. How are you? Small steps, giant results.  Friendships are like ships, they can sink or sail.  In which case we sailed. We became pen pals, (of the social kind), jovial moments, we were ourselves. I will never forget this teasing, “If you jump from the plane, I will catch you in the sea”. Of course I replied, ” But I will land just fine on my own, with plenty of clothes”. You little squirt, had you not been persistent, I would have remained hesitant. Uncertainty, was not acceptable terms. I knew I had found a friend for life. Our meeting was under unusual circumstances which, perhaps attracted us even more. Like the fruit flies of  a summer’s buzzing, we hovered over the sweet fruits of conversation. Hooked in a similar fashion of “bosom buddies”. Naturally, in that very moment we became inseparable.

xx Yana


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